Our Mission: Expertise in Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our Vision: We Study Drug Manufacture Science and Process Equipment Manufacture Science to Build Smart Pharma Factory.

Our Core Value: God Helps Those Who Work Diligently.

Our Culture: Integrity, Dedication, Study, Innovation.

Our Strategy: Grow from China Tofflon to Global Tofflon and from Equipment Supplier to Solution Provider .


Our Quality Culture

  • Quality is built up from responsibility, integrity, seriousness, dedication and working spirit.
  • Quality is based on continuous technology innovation, technological standardization, manufacturing process standardization, critical manufacturing process from manual to semi-automatic and fully automatic, key position skills improvement so as to minimize personnel`s random risk and ensure quality control.
  • Our aim is to build a predictable, traceable, verifiable comprehensive quality system.
  • To meet systems integration and EPCM development trend, we are going to build scientific and professional project management system. It includes project team building, project management process and tools continuous optimization so as to realize the transformation from delivery priority to quality control and cost control priority to increase project delivery efficiency, quality and profit.
  • Make product as arts works. Make quality consciousness become every Tofflon persons professional behavior, ethics and culture gene.


Our Technology Innovation

  • Our technology development concept: Automation, Intelligence, Modularization, Continuous Processing and Systems Integration.
  • Through systems integration and innovative engineering, we create values for the pharmaceutical industry: cGMP Compliance, High Efficiency, Automation and Isolation, Simple Interface, Cost-Effective, Easy Validation, Integrated Service, Faster Time to Market.
  • We are setting up a multi-level engineers team. They are learning and growing up to industry experts and even world-class experts.
  • We are promoting and building engineer culture with GMP and process understanding, with global thinking, with technology enthusiasm, with diligence in thinking, with fast learning capability, with courage to practice and good at summarizing and making conclusions.
  • We are building Excellence Technology Center, carrying out corporate level public technology development, system level drug manufacture science study and equipment level smart machine development and constructing strong R&D system, platform and process.
  • Today and tomorrow we are dedicated to studying drug manufacture science and process equipment manufacture science, practicing advanced drug manufacturing mode and next generation drug manufacture platform for smart pharma factory building.